My Patents and Inventions

Invent and Build Somthing

My story with patents and inventions starts with the first startup I worked at called Medingo. I joined to help with an executive presentation, but found my self building the patent portfolio with the IP team. I self taught myself how to illustrate, researched how patents I composed and eventually became a Patent Engineer and Designer. This led me to work on interesting product development and become an inventor. After Medingo, I continued to invent and design patents for startups and products I created and also consulting and advising startup companies and enterprises.

Working with engineers, entrepreneurs and talented designers on building and designing inventions and patent portfolios, led me to develop a design methodology that combines design thinking and patent designing.

My Patents

The Hangout

The Hangout is a product the I designed with my brother. The problem was that I lived in a small apartment in Tel Aviv, and had a laundry drier in my living room. I had to switch places when I was in the living room I put it in the bedroom, and when in the bedroom I moved it to the living room. The Hangout was designed to save place in your apartment and use the architecture of the building.

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