The Hangout

A Laundry Hanger Solutions for Small Apartments

The Hangout is a product I designed with my brother Iddo. It is designed to solve the problem of drying cloths in small apartments. The idea was conceived at a coffee shop while looking at Tel Aviv buildings. It was designed to solve my own problem of having a drying stand which I moved from my living room to the bedroom constantly. The product is made of plastic and therefore easy to clean. It includes space for pegs and clips so they wouldn’t get lost which happend to me a lot.

The Hngout is mounted on a balustrade while holding the two handles on the sides. You can position the Hangout and hang your clothes inside the house or outside in case it rains or in a dust storm.

It includes 8 drying lines, and currently comes in the mini version which is 1/2 meter wide. To avoid any dirt or dust touch your clothes and especially peagons which are comfortable standing on it we also designed a special accessory cover which connects to the Hangout and protects the cloths.

How it works?

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