My Story

I am a builder, designer, technologist, innovator, inventor and product guy. I think that more than anything I like to build and invent new things. I have a very diverse background working in different industries and roles in all of them I had the opportunity to make and impact and change people's lives.

I started my career working as a marketing Analyst and a Patent Engineer and Designer at Medingo, a medical device company that developed an insulin pump for diabetics and to help improve the quality of life of millions around the world. In 2010 the company was acquired by Roche, a Swiss pharmaceutical and diagnostic company. After the acquisition I founded and managed the Innovation activity at the site in Israel. In 2014, I started my own mobile and cloud company called Mobifile. We developed a technology that allows easy and fast access to files and data across apps and platform and retreival from a single app. We decided to close in 2017. In the last year I led the Startup Programs and Product for the Amazon Startup Business Development Team in Europe, Middle East and Africe.

I am consulting, advising and mentoring in various startup and enterprise companies in the fields of product development, innovation, design, entrepreneurship and business. Some of the companies are XACT Robotis (Robotis + medical), Cardiac Implants (medical), NeuroDerm (medical), cRoundCam (mobile + image recognition), Hollysim (FinTech). In addition, I managed special projects and Innovation in a family owned company Supergum spearheading projects in aerospace, environment, medical and more.

I hold a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and a graduate of the Harvard Law School PON Executive Program. I am an inventor in more than 20 patents in various technological innovations and inventions.

I am a mentor in numerous accelerators and programs such as IBM AlphaZone Accelerator, Wix Lead With accelerator, Lead With Mentoring program,, IDC Legal Clinic and more.

Social Profiles

I love to meet new people and create new relationship. I think that the best platform to do so is via social networks
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